What's Next?

Welcome! Thank you for sharing your interest in training.


I would love to have you schedule your initial assessment and consultation by clicking here. This link will show you my current availability. When booking, please provide the address you would like me to meet you for your consultation. You can also assess at my private gym in Humble, TX if you would prefer to come to me.


🛑Don’t eat within the 2 hour period before your session.

🚫No coffee.

✔️Wear workout (fitted) clothing for before pics.


The consultation and assessment allow me to speak with you further and get a better understanding of where you have been in the past as far as your physical health including fitness and nutrition and most importantly, it will show me where you currently are.


*If you are a client that is not local or interested in online training, virtual training or a fitness mentorship.  I would still need you to book your free assessment/consultation. 

The assessment will be conducted via 'Zoom Meeting'. When booking, for your meeting location enter 'Zoom Meeting'. A link will be given to you prior to your meeting.  

Health Questionnaire Form


Please click here to complete the Health Questionnaire. This allows me to see your health history in the past, where you are currently and what your goals should be from this point forward. Please have this form completed and submitted prior to your initial assessment.


During the time of your consultation, I will also be able to see what all you are looking for out of training with me. Such as your goals, long and short term. I will also conduct an assessment which includes: measurements of weight, body fat%, BMI, body water intake, circumference and you will also perform a push-up, crunch, and squat test.


The assessment results will be sent to you via email explaining all the measurements and calculations I have done showing you how to shed unwanted body fat. Also, you will be able to see where you stand and the performance chart for push-ups, crunches, and sit-ups.


Once your assessment and consult have been completed click here to look over the training prices. Once you have made your selection you can contact me via phone, text or email with your session type and or package you are wanting to purchase. An invoice will be sent to you which should be paid in full prior to your first training session. Once you have chosen your session(s) selection you can review my availability by clicking here.  My schedule is accurate and continually updated with any immediate changes made to my schedule. You won’t be allowed to book a session within a 24 hour period. Once you have booked your session(s) they will appear on my calendar immediately and I will be notified. Reminder text is sent 24 hours in advance regarding your upcoming session. You are also able to cancel/reschedule your sessions via the link as well. Please give a 24-hour notice of a cancelation so that your session won’t be forfeited.


Meal Plans

If you are interested in getting on a meal plan to complement your workouts please click here. Your personalized meal plan is a separate purchase from personal training sessions. Personal training clients consult fees are automatically waived. A separate invoice will be sent to you that should be paid prior to your meal plan being emailed to you.



An invoice will be sent to you via email once you have decided what service(s)you want to purchase. All payments are to be made prior to your first session. This applies to packages and individual sessions. Payments can be made online via the invoice sent to your email address.


If you have any further questions, please let me know and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.


I Look forward to our journey together!​

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