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Thank you for your interested in sports training for your young athlete(s)!  My name is Kimberlin Trahan. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist and owner of Train Hard Fitness. 


A little bit about my background.  I became an athlete at the age of 10 in track and field when my mother hired a personal trainer for my birthday. With my training off the track and my natural speed on the track I was able to run and compete in this sport for 13 years as an elite athlete in the state of Texas. Although I was a natural athlete in all sports, track and field was my love. I was able to participate and compete in summer track, middle school, high school and receive several full-scholarship offers across the nation to compete at the collegiate level.  As I competed at the collegiate level, I studied Exercise Sports Science and minored in Business Administration Qualitative Methods.


I grew a passion so strong to teach others how to get and stay physically fit by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I absolutely love what I do. Every year I continue my education in this field as it is necessary. Research continues to grow with better training methods and I find it very important to implement healthy, safe, beneficial training practices with all of my clients. 


I look forward to working with your child over the weeks to come. My goal is to provide them with excellent training that will benefit any sport they participate in throughout the year. We will focus on FACS


Flexibility- A well-stretched muscle more easily achieves its full range of motion which improves athletic performance. 

Agility- helps the body to maintain proper alignment and posture during movement. Which improves flexibility, balance, and control.

Conditioning- will lower the risk of injuries by strengthening ligaments, tendons, and muscles while creating a higher level of flexibility.

Speed- training the body to respond as quickly as possible and/or perform movements at low resistance with the highest rate.


Please send your child with plenty of water for each session. 

  • It's very important that your child has on the proper training shoe. Shoes worn during training must have grip/tread on the sole. This will help prevent injury during training. No sock-like/mesh shoes. 



Payments are due at the beginning of each new month. Multiple forms of payments are accepted. 


PayPal: 💳 Paypal Here (popular)

Check: ✍️ Make out to Train Hard Fitness

Cash: 💵 


Days: Tuesdays &Thursdays

Location: Liberty High School

Times: 4 - 5 pm (Pre-K/Elem.)

              5 -6 pm (Jr. High/ High)

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