Nutritional Meal Plans

This is the opportunity to love yourself with a nutritional lifestyle change.  With this lifestyle change, you are not relying on others to fix your meals by visiting your local restaurant food chains.  Those foods are prepared in all sorts of bad processed oils and trans fats that are actually toxic to our bodies.


You will learn how to: 

  • Prepare healthy meals at home.  

  • Prepare healthy snacks and lunches for your workday.

  • Use healthy ingredients that are not harmful to your body in the long run. 

  • Pay attention to how the foods you put into your body affect your mood and energy levels. 



Nutritional Program 


15-minute consult

Nutrition reboot.

One-on-one, 15-minute counseling session to evaluate nutrition habits and create a roadmap for you to implement independently. 

Identify keystone habits to shift.

Establish optimal calorie and macronutrient needs.

May be in-person, via phone or via video conference.

The perfect starting place to assess where you are and the changes you can make to immediately improve your health.

**Schedule your appointment here.

Nutritional Lifestyle Change Meal Plan

Body Transformation Plan+ Weekly Phone Meetings.

Personalized nutrition program with built-in, ongoing accountability to help you reshape your lifestyle and reach your long-term goals. 

Complete with target calories, macro guidance, and tailored meal plans with supporting recipes.

Engage in weekly virtual check-ins, ongoing plan refinement, PLUS 24×7 e-mail support, plus weekly 15-minute phone calls to create even greater accountability.

Fine-tuned counseling to navigate the toughest challenges.

Ideal for reaching weight-loss goals.


1 Month- $65  *3.2% tax is applied


All consults phone and video calls will be done by appointment only. These appointments are to be scheduled through my calendar which will show my current availability. All other communication can be done via email support.  After your consult, follow the steps below to register for your meal plan.


Step 1:

Make your payment for your Nutrition Lifestyle Change via the secure link above.

Step 2: 

Fill out the contact form below to register for your Lifestyle Change meal plan.  You will then receive an invite via email to set up your profile.

Step 3:

Once your profile has been completed, Your Nutrition Lifestyle Change meal plan will be created.  An email notification will be sent to you letting you know that your meal plan is ready.  You can view your plan and manage your account by tracking your progress by going to your app store and downloading The Evolution Nutrition app.  Use your email as your username and the password that you used to create your profile.

Step 4:

Please review your meal plan.  Use the swap feature for items in your meal plan that you would like to swap for other applicable food options. Print your shopping list and shop for your meals online or visit your local grocery store.

Step 5:

Daily monitoring of your progress should be tracked on your nutrition profile which should be kept current daily.


Note:  Any questions or concerns email

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