• How do I get started? Please follow this link that lays out all the steps for you to get started on your fitness journey with Kimberlin. Let's get started!

  • How do I pay for personal training sessions?  Fill out the contact form stating your interest in training and what sessions your are interested in.  I will send you an invoice via email based on the number of sessions or package of your choice.  

  • When do I have to pay for my session(s)?  All sessions must be paid for prior to the start of your first training session.  If a package is purchased and it has not been paid for prior to the start of your first session the discounted fee will no longer be applied. 

  • Is there a grace period for payments?  No.  All sessions are to be paid prior to you receiving the training service. 

  • Can I purchase multiple single sessions at a time?  Yes.  If you are not wanting to buy any of the package options available, you can purchase how ever many single sessions (any combination).  No, discount will be applied.

  • What kind of training do you do in your sessions?  I train each individual client according to their personal goals and most importantly to their needs.  Each client is different and will work on customized training programs.  My focus is strength and overall fitness.  

  • How man meal plans do I receive in the month?  You will receive to customized meals plans that you can rotate through the month.  

  • What if I want more meal plans?  Register for another month of meal plans.  Update your profile so that I can customize your meals with accuracy.  

  • What if I don’t like some of the foods on my meal plan?  When you create your profile for your meal plan you can add food preferences (likes/dislikes) to your profile. If there are items that are on your plan that you don’t like then you can use the swap option that is available to you next to each food item.  

  • Is there an app for tracking my meal plan?   Yes.  The Evolution Nutrition app.  When you receive your invite you should also see a link option to download the app.

  • How do I sign up for boot camp?  Fill out the contact form and pay the monthly boot camp for the Humble, or Liberty boot camp.  Join the Liberty TX Boot Camp or the Humble TX Boot Camp facebook group to receive class updates and notifications. 


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